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Several years ago Giovanna, after a long period dedicated to the profession of being a Travel Agent and Tour Operator which took her to travel, decided to go home and start the first and important restoration phase that gave life to MOSCATELLO. A clear vision and a desire to return to the “roots” and commit to creating a project that would give continuity to this place so linked to the past of one’s family and that would emphasise such a rich and fascinating territory. The now-abandoned farm had to find a new life!!!


Since then, the renovations have followed over the years  Moscatello has now become that magical place, nestled in the atmosphere of the Morainic Hills, a stone’s throw from Lake Garda and important cities such as Verona, Mantua, Brescia, Milan and Venice. A place of peace and tranquillity where an attentive guest looking for the “Buen Retiro” can find beauty, goodness, comfort, history, art, discovery, emotion, conviviality, hospitality combined. 


This is the philosophy of Giovanna and Lorenzo who lead it today.


The Agri Relais MO&MU is immersed in the hills and it offers a large park that blends with the surrounding nature, a large swimming pool, and today after the last renovation, 14 rooms, each with its character, large, open on the horizon, furnished with extreme care and completed with paintings and design objects made by Lorenzo. 3 large and functional apartments, a flowered pergola, everywhere attention and care to the details.


Finally, the Restaurant, it was born after the meeting with Lorenzo Bernardini, back from important experiences in the world of cooking (Michelin Stared), art, painter with several exhibitions in Europe as well as an architect. Lorenzo’s arrival in 2010 ( constitutes a new impulse and born the ‘’Muliner’’, THE RESTAURANT.


Lorenzo also kidnapped by the love that unites us all in this project, brings his “Art” in the Dishes, in the Objects,

in the Paintings, making this place more and more Magical.


The Kitchen offers original creative dishes, all adhering to the remarkable peculiarities of the territorial resources. Love and Passion also merge in front of the stove, creating the indispensable harmony to be able to speak “with” the Kitchen and

not “of” the Kitchen, “with” the Wine and not “of” the Wine.


Moscatello represents for us that we live it in everyday life, a Lifestyle, an ‘Open House’; it is and will be also for those who intend share this concept by living it as we live it, with Love, enjoying in the Convivio the pleasure of meeting.


Today the Moscatello’s Family has expanded and together with Giovanna & Lorenzo, share the project “MO&MU”... Jessica, Andrea Z., Andrea F., Davide, Nello, Elia, ...


Giovanna and Lorenzo are united by the same values and passions...

…and theirs is a path of love in all senses…

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