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Massaggio alla schiena



Our Rituals of Wellbeing


… Dissolve localized tensions and find harmony and well-being with the "Free Hand" ritual!

A sensory journey that begins with a foot bath based on local aromatic plants, including: lavender, rosemary, sage and mint, combined with a mixture of salt, apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate. 

Let yourself be enveloped by the expert hands of the operator who, with delicate maneuvers and specific techniques, will release muscle and joint tension, giving you new energy and vitality. The harmony of slow movements accompanied by sweet almond oil enriched with a blend of essences, including cinnamon, spruce, juniper, lemongrass, Swiss pine, lavender, meadowsweet, rosemary, lemon, arnica and verbena. Their action will be pain-relieving, reactivating circulation and at the same time relaxing, to release tension and recover lightness and energy. 

A personalized ritual that focuses on the areas of your body that need more attention, it could therefore happen that the massage is no longer total body, but focuses on specific areas for a deeper ritual. 

The "FREE HAND" ritual is ideal to:

• Relax muscles and release tension
• Relieve muscle and joint soreness 
• Improve energy circulation

• Rediscover vitality 

The ritual could include passive stretching-type stretches, aimed at improving muscle flexibility and elasticity. No sudden or chiropractic manipulations are foreseen.

> FREE HAND 90 minutes Euro 130.00 <

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