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Exclusive offers, packages and activities

Do not miss anything

Live Moscatello & Mulinër

We have chosen and designed some unique stay and service combinations for you to experience the magic of Design Agri Relais Moscatello & Mulinër.


Let's create indelible memories together.


Wellness packages and special offers

Explore our exclusive offers and wellness packages, designed to make your stay even more special. Treat yourself to moments of pure relaxation and rejuvenation or indulge in good wine and haute cuisine, enveloped in the unique atmosphere of our suites and apartments.


Discover service combinations that will transform your stay into an unforgettable experience of well-being and comfort.


Add a special touch to your stay: participate in activities tailored for a true "local" experience. Explore the beauties of the “Colline Moreniche” with guided excursions, delight your taste buds with our food and wine experiences, or relax by immersing yourself into nature.

Embrace every moment and make your stay complete and enriched by unique adventures.


Gift an experience

Share the magic of Design Agri Relais Moscatello & Mulinër by gifting a unique experience.

Choose from our customizable gift vouchers, designed to offer special moments to your loved ones. Make every gift unique by providing the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in an elegant and refined setting.

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