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Meet the Team

Moscatello was born from the love for one’s own origines

Our history

"Agriturismo Moscatello" was born a few years ago when Giovanna—after a long time as a Travel Agent and Tour Operator—decided to be back home and begun the first and significant phase of renovation of the old family farmhouse. A clear vision and the desire to return to her "roots."


Since then, renovations have continued over the years, and Moscatello is now "Moscatello & Mulinër," that magical place, immersed in the atmosphere of its green surroundings, a stone's throw from Lake Garda and important cities such as Verona, Mantua, Brescia, Milan, and Venice.


A place of peace and tranquility where a discerning guest in search of "el Buen Retiro" can indulge in beauty, taste, comfort, history, art, discovery, emotion, conviviality, and hospitality.


This is the philosophy that Giovanna and Lorenzo continue to uphold today, together.

Moscatello & Mulinër family

People on top

Today, sharing the vision and the philosophy of the Design Agri-Relais with Giovanna and Lorenzo is a dedicated and passionate team. To support the project's thread, we believe in dialogue, research, and sharing.


The "Mulinër" Restaurant was born after the encounter with Lorenzo Bernardini, coming from significant experiences in the culinary world (Michelin Star). Lorenzo is an architect but also an artist – a painter – with several exhibitions across Europe.


Mulinër is a cozy, warm, and modern lounge, overlooking the green surroundings through large west-facing windows to enjoy sensational sunsets. Everywhere you turn, art and furnishings bear the signature of Lorenzo Bernardini.


The presence of a young but resourceful team now guided by Andrea Feder, represents the true new image of the cuisine of Design Agri Relais Moscatello-Muliner in Pozzolengo.


Their important synergy in the kitchen corresponds to the logical continuity of the initial thought that has characterized the careful daily taste selection since July 2010.

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