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Rooms, Suites, and Design Apartments

Elegance and comfort for your rest

17 unique accommodations

Every suite and apartment at Moscatello & Mulinër has been meticulously designed. The fusion of design, comfort, and beauty is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We want to offer you more than just a place to stay: we want to share with you the inviting feeling of being completely at ease, at “home” with us.

Each living space is a world of its own, with different colors and furnishings that converge to create the uniqueness of every room. Design objects and contemporary paintings bearing the signature of Lorenzo Bernardini enrich the atmosphere, making it personal and refined.


Elegance and comfort for your rest

Rooms and Suites

Each one of our suites exudes charm and elegance, offering a refined blend of the surrounding nature and the design that pervades the project of our Agri-Relais.


A unique stay, surrounded by precious furnishings, meticulous details, and services designed to satisfy even the most discerning guests.

An independent stay, without compromises


Our apartments provide comfort and wide spaces, where design meets functionality.

Each apartment is an enclave of peace and serenity, offering the freedom to live in the spaces according to your preferences.


Modern tones, carefully selected furnishings, and an intelligent layout of spaces, designed to make you feel at home, even while away from home.

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