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Massaggio al collo



Our Rituals of Wellbeing


… Immerse yourself in an experience of pure relaxation and abandonment with the "Trust" ritual...

A sensory journey that begins with a foot bath based on local aromatic plants, including - among others: lavender, rosemary, sage and mint, combined with a mixture of salt, apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate. A detox, antibacterial and relaxing action to prepare your body for the massage. 

Lie down on a comfortable bed, let yourself be enveloped by the expert hands of the operator who, with delicate maneuvers, swedish and masso-physiotherapy techniques, will perform a total body massage. 

The harmony of slow movements accompanied by sweet almond oil enriched with a blend of essences including mandarin, neroli, wheat germ, bergamot, cedar, lemon balm, grapefruit and myrtle.

…The purpose?

Allow yourself to be transported into a deep state of relaxation and abandonment, where the stress of everyday life and toxins dissolve!

The "TRUST" ritual is ideal to :

• Rediscover harmony and well-being

• Counteract stress

• Cleanse the body of toxins

• Relax muscles and release tension

It does not include abrupt or chiropractic-type manipulations.

> TO TRUST 90 minutes Euro 130.00 <

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