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Massaggio tailandese



Our Rituals of Wellbeing


… A total body massage performed on the futon by an expert operator, who will lead you on a sensorial journey to discover the ancient tradition of Thai massage...

During the ritual you will wear a traditional Thai kimono, for a total immersion in the culture and atmosphere of this fascinating country. 

Let yourself be enveloped by a succession of delicate harmonious movements, a subtle work of stretching, tractions, extensions and pressure on the energy meridians. A complete ritual that will relax your body and restore harmony to your spirit, stimulating your vital energy. 

Let yourself be led with your eyes closed to the rhythm of deep breathing, like a puppet sailing on a gondola without opposing the movements of the lagoon water. 

At the end of the massage, a hot infusion (specific depending on the season and need) will accompany you in contemplating the sunset or sunrise, depending on the season. A moment of quiet to savor the benefits of the ritual and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. 


The "IN GONDOLA" ritual is ideal to :
• Relax muscles and release tension

• Improve blood and lymphatic circulation
• Increase energy and vitality
• Rediscover inner harmony and well-being
• Experience the authentic tradition of Thai massage 

> ON THE GONDOLA 90 minutes Euro 130.00 <

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